We are told…(Male and female he made them, naming them Man, and giving them his blessing on the day when they were made.) ( Genesis 5:2)…. When we were born God gave us his Blessing. It’s up to us to decide whether we want to keep his Blessing or we want to lose it. It’s all a matter of choice when it comes to what you want to do with your life. Some choose to cheat on their wives, steal, worship idols to sum it up all that is sin while others follow the instructions given in the bible. Which person would you like to be? “The one with hate in his heart or the one with love in his heart.” The same God who gave us that blessing has the power to curse us. The same God who gave us that blessing has the power to bless us more. Ask yourself is what you are doing every second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year making you hold onto that blessing or you are creating your own downfall; for a life without a blessing from God is like a car without wheels. So my friend pray to the Lord to give you wisdom to choose the right things and do things according to his will. Ask for the Power to hold on to your blessing. Ask for the power to win against any temptation that comes. My friends feed yourselves with the word of God so that your life has direction. With the knowledge of the word and keeping it in your hearts comes self control. Self control is a battle that requires the word of God in you and fear of God. Many go sleeping around with different people behaving like animals which lack self control. “Are we animals!? ” The word will give you knowledge and all you have to do is to apply that knowledge into your lives. May the good Lord show you the way to Him. Maturity is obeying what the Bible teaches. With obedience a person of excellent character is formed, be obedient to the word of God! Hold on to that blessing! Do good all the time!

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