I remember one of those moments l was at a tender age. It was difficult for me to sleep in the dark. Darkness was something I grew up afraid of. I would create imaginary stuff in my head, especially from some of those movies l used to watch. My mom knew that his boy needs a light at night. She always made sure her boy had the bulb lit in his room. I believe I’m not the only one who experienced that. Darkness exists in our lives too, and we need a Bulb in our lives to brighten our paths. Life darkness exists during the day and during the night. An ordinary bulb won’t help to eliminate life darkness. I’m talking of spiritual darkness. Are you living in darkness? Have you ever reached a point where you want to give up and just think like it’s better to die? Do you have the right Bulb by your side? Jesus Christ is our light in darkness. He is there to give us the whole beam to shine the way for us. He loves us. He is unlike electricity that comes and goes. Jesus Christ is the permanent Bulb of our lives that will always be there. He is the right Bulb. If he is not in your life, it’s high time you allow him in so he puts an end to the darkness in your life. (And the light goes on shining in the dark; it is not overcome by the dark.) (John 1:5). Our Amazing Creator gave us eyes. The Creator did not just gives us the eyes but also the eyelids to shield our eyes from dust. No matter the quantity the quantity of dust, the eyelids sacrifice themselves to to protect the eyes. Taking it from that, Our Father in Heaven gave us life. He did not just give us life, but He also gave us His only Son who acted as the eyelid of our lives by dying for our sins. He endured the pain until his last breath for us. Can’t we trust such a person to lead our lives? Can’t we allow such a Saviour to be the light in our lives? Living without Jesus Christ is like an eye without an eyelid. It will only lead to its calamity. Wake up fellow brothers and sisters. Let’s put on the Eyelid of our lives for our protection. Let’s not push our Saviour away by doing that which is wicked. Let’s be obedient to His word for his Light to be with us always. I wish you a life of righteousness and serving our Saviour Jesus Christ! REMEMBER THE EASIEST WAY TO APPLY FOR DIASASTER IS THE REFUSAL TO FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS, BE OBEDIENT TO THE WORD OF JEHOVAH!!!!