Wherever and whenever you are at an environment there are effects that will change the person you are. It’s either that environment is creating a better version of you or the opposite. A bad environment is like a crop growing among weeds. It will be like the weeds are by it’s side but the truth is the weeds will lead to it’s destruction. Are the people sorrounding you weeds? Are there people who encourage you to go against the word of God?(For certain men have come among you secretly, marked out before in the holy Writings for this evil fate, men without the fear of God, turning his grace into an unclean thing, and false to our only Master and Lord, Jesus Christ.) (Jude 1:4)..(These are the men who make trouble, ever desiring change, going after evil pleasures, using high-sounding words, respecting men’s position in the hope of reward.) (Jude 1:16). If the people around you are causing you to sin, don’t throw them away but pray that they change their ways and do good. Show them your love and support. Share with them the word of God so they can leave their evil ways. It is said (But I say to you, Have love for those who are against you, and make prayer for those who are cruel to you;) (Matthew 5:44). (So that you may be the sons of your Father in heaven; for his sun gives light to the evil and to the good, and he sends rain on the upright man and on the sinner.) ( Matthew 5:45). (And to some give salvation, pulling them out of the fire; and on some have mercy with fear, hating even the clothing which is made unclean by the flesh.) (Jude 1:23). Are you the weed in someone’s life? Are you the one causing your brother to sin?Do good all the time so that you will not be counted among those that do unpleasing things in our Lord Jesus Christ’s eyes for you will be judged. (The prophet Enoch, who was the seventh after Adam, said of these men, The Lord came with tens of thousands of his saints,) (Jude 1:14). (To be the judge of all, and to give a decision against all those whose lives are unpleasing to him, because of the evil acts which they have done, and because of all the hard things which sinners without fear of God have said against him.) ( Jude 1:15). Ensure that you create an environment that is pleasing to God’s eyes wherever you are. Pray and ask for guidance in your life from our Saviour Jesus Christ for it is said knock and the door shall be opened for you. Feed on the word of God my friends and follow it’s instructions. Allow the Lord Jesus Christ be the light in your life by doing that which is right! Ensure that you create an environment that is pleasing to God’s eyes wherever you are. (For the word of God is living and full of power, and is sharper than any two-edged sword, cutting through and making a division even of the soul and the spirit, the bones and the muscles, and quick to see the thoughts and purposes of the heart.) ( Hebrews 4:12) Cheers to joining Virtue, knowledge, faith, self control, fear of God, quiet mind and love! Create a Great environment! Be obedient to the word of God!

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