Don’t choose to be God’s enemy

2 choices. ……..1 God……2 satan. Who do you want to be your guide? Who do you want to be your enemy? Do you want to obey what the Bible teaches or go against it? It’s all a matter of choice but my advice to you is don’t be God’s enemy for it is said in Nahum…(The Lord is a God who takes care of his honour and gives punishment for wrong; the Lord gives punishment and is angry; the Lord sends punishment on those who are against him, being angry with his haters.) (Nahum 1:2).(The Lord is slow to get angry and great in power, and will not let the sinner go without punishment: the way of the Lord is in the wind and the storm, and the clouds are the dust of his feet.) ( Nahum 1:3) As you can see for yourself the consequences of going against the Almighty are not pleasing. So my brother, my sister don’t be God’s enemy. Don’t be disobedient to his word. If you do good the results will also be good. I wish you all a life of serving our Saviour Jesus Christ and a life of rightousness. May God reward you when you decide to be obedient to his word.

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